Justice Disabled
A True American Story of Corruption, Discrimination and Retaliation — The Legal System Protecting Itself

Justice Disabled

The American system of justice is often referred to an 'adversarial system' where each side advocates for their position in a case or controversy. The sad reality of the current American system now appears to be one where the adversarial posture has the court (including attorneys and court personnel) on one side and litigants, all too often self represented, on another. This perverse system is compounded as these same courts are often ill-equipped or unwilling to deal with individuals with a range of disabilities, whether visible or hidden.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was thought to remedy the long-standing problems faced by persons with one or more disabilities, but that promise was not realized. Nearly two decades later, the United States Congress passed the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 to restore and reinforce the original intention of the ADA. While these clarifications have helped for some, the courts themselves appear to be exempting themselves from the mandates set by Congress.

The Department of Justice and other agencies are reporting an increasing number of disability-based discrimination complaints regarding courts. This site seeks to research, study, and share information that may be of use to individuals impacted by these and other related problems.

Connecticut and California are currently among the states that seem to yield the greatest number of complaints, but these problems are being reported from coast to coast.

Justice Disabled

If you are aware of disability-based discrimination or a related problem, please consider contacting us.

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